Sunday, August 12, 2012

What If They Put the Baseball Teams in Sequins?

        By Ross Newhan

        So, another Olympics is almost over, and I have this to say:

        I don't mind BMX and mountain bike racing. I especially like the crashes.

        I don't even mind rhythmetic gymnastics. Who isn't captivated by ribbons and sequins?

       But another Olympics without hardball and softball? C'mon.

      The IOC doesn't like the fact that major league baseball is in season and can't put a dream team on the field, a la the U.S. basketball team.

      Let me ask, however: How many of the names are recognizable in 90% of Olympic sports? It's  a joke. Baseball has become a global game (even Israel is preparing a team for major league baseball's next world tournament), but the situation is unlikely to change before 2016, when the Olympics are in Rio de Janiero.

       At least we should get some regular shots from Copacabana.

      Even better than ribbons and sequins.


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