Saturday, October 1, 2011

Scioscia Is a Major Issue (Problem?) in Moreno's GM Search

      By Ross Newhan

      At the time of Bill Stoneman's retirement as general manager of the Angels, virtually every columnist and baseball reporter in Southern California, including this writer, observed that manager Mike Scioscia, given his longterm contract and managerial success, would assume a more powerful position in roster decisions and the organization's structure.

      If that is true, if that, indeed, is the way it has played out, then Scioscia bears some responsibility for at least some of the decisions that have removed Tony Reagins as general manager, just as owner Arte Moreno does.

     No decision is made in a vacuum. If the Angels pass on Carl Crawford and Adrian Beltre but opt to open the mint for Vernon Wells, it wasn't strictly Reagins decision.

     Now, with Moreno and club president John Carpino apparently heading the search for a new general manager, it doesn't matter which or how many candidates they interview because all of them will want to be assured that they would have full authority in the daily operation and won't be just a personal secretary for Scioscia, providing Scioscia himself isn't elevated to the GM role.

     It is also possible, the word was circulating Saturday, that Scioscia, despite his contract security and       
accepted voice in organization decisions, might feel this is the right time to depart if the right offer comes along. It would have to be a big money, long term, immediate win situation, of which there aren't many, but it's almost certain that the Boston Red Sox, among others, may investigate.

    In the meantime, it can be said with total assuredness that Moreno is going to have to define Scioscia's stature each time he meets with a GM candidate.

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