Monday, March 7, 2011

More on Eddie Bane's Dismissal by the Angels

      By Ross Newhan

      Two oversights in my most recent blog, which carried the headline: Bane Remains a Presence Despite Surprising Firing by Angels.

      Eddie Bane was fired by the Angels after seven years as scouting director last September, but the blog dealt with the many prospects, scouted and signed during his tenure, who are drawing headlines in the Angels current spring camp, including Mark Trumbo, Mike Trout, Hank Conger, Jordan Walden and Peter Bourjos.

      Bane's tenure can also take credit for Jered Weaver and others who have already made their mark, are a little father away or have been used in trades for Dan Haren and Scott Kazmir, among others, but I was remiss in leaving out Nick Adenhart, who was certainly on his way to becoming a high quality starter in the club's rotation before his tragic death in an automobile accident. In a phone interview with Bane, now a major league scout with Detroit, he said he was touched by the many calls he received from members of Adenhart's family after the accident, thanking him for his warm relations with Nick and the family during the scouting process.

    The second oversight was my failure to report that in June the Angels had fired Clay Daniels, who had been their Supervisor of International Scouting for nine years. Daniels was one of several international scouts who were investigated by Major League Baseball for the skimming of signing bonuses given to prospects from Latin America.

    Daniels was responsible for the signing of Ervin Santana, Eric Aybar and Kendry Morales, among other Angels, and vehemently denied the accusations, but he and other Angel scouts from Venezuela and other Caribbean countries were also fired by the club, which has never said whether the firings were a direct result of the MLB investigation. Nor would the Angels comment on whether the firing of Daniels played into the firing of Bane three months later.

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