Thursday, June 24, 2010

Getting Around

   By Ross Newhan

   This is what I hear, think and know:

                                            Frank McCourt

              His mega divorce aside, the Dodger owner's debt obligations have Commissioner Bud Selig so concerned that he is investigating and talking to potential L.A. investors with the possible resources to buy the club.

                                             The Real L.A. Team 

              Being 0-5 to the L.A. Angels of Anaheim has to gall McCourt more than Jamie's support payments or those Angel billboards in the heart of L.A. and Beverly Hills. Of course, we'll find out even more about McCourt's financial situation as the July 30 trade deadline nears and the price in dollars and prospects mount for a prospective and needed ace of the Cliff Lee, Dan Haren and Roy Oswalt stature. If Randy Wolf  cost too much...          

                         Stephen Strasburg

              A handful of starts qualify him for the All-Star Game? Nonsense. The rosters are already diluted enough at 33 players. Strasburg will be an All-Star in the future, but not after a month in the big leagues. Of course, it IS just an exhibition--sort of. Over-reaction to the 2002 tie gives home field advantage in the World Series to the winning league, as if that's on every player's mind as they race to catch planes as soon as they are out of the game.

                                      Fredi Gonzalez

             Florida owner Jeffrey Loria fires Joe Girardi in a year in which he's the National League's Manager of the Year, and now he fires Gonzalez with the Marlins only two games under .500, having won three of the last four games and a definite NL East or wild card contender despite a payroll that had been so low that only official complaints from the Players Assn. forced the owner to invest more. Well, thank you. Girardi takes the Yankees to a World Series title, Gonzalez gets time with his Atlanta based family before succeeding the retiring Bobby Cox as Braves manager and Loria gets to hire pal Bobby Valentine.

                                                      Ego Relief
              If Valentine lands in Florida and Buck Showalter shows his masochistic side by becoming the Baltimore manager there will be a lot more than room at ESPN's analyst table. Buck and Bobby have never been buddies, and the network should be able to save on the air conditioning necessary to cool the tension.         

                          Bad Break but Good Humor

              So Brooke, my seven year old grand daughter, thinking she's a Flying Wallenda, flips off a playground bar, fractures an elbow, needs surgery at Rady Children's Hospital in San Diego and wakes up Thursday morning saying she is so hungry that she asks her mom if she can order "room service." I kid you not. She's been around, and it's the first time anyone has asked for hospital food.


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